Since the founding of Cornerstone Global Leadership Foundation, We have become the largest and most trusted worldwide provider of Professional business skills training.

Cornerstone Global Leadership Foundation’s focus is on addressing the truly unique corporate training, workshops, summits, conferences and creation of wealth through valuable latest information that is ever changing in today’s competitive business world. Through commercial education and training we allow intelligent strategies that are very interactive and self-improving, object based training modules that backs up efficient massive customisation.

Above all, Quality and excellence in the provision of cutting edge business solutions in the fields of learning, economic, technology and natural interventions is relevant to strategic global business objectives. Business intelligence and Training of a high standard are our concern to ensure that professionals and organizations can determine their own economic and intellectual wellbeing.

With highly experienced specialists in their respective fields, we mark intelligent systems that are interactive, self-improving and, above all, designed to give you, your employees and your company that extra edge when it comes to competing in today’s business world and market place, keeping you and your organisation in line with latest trends.


Knowledge, Understanding A Tool For Growth

At Cornerstone Global Leadership Foundation, we pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate the sharing of insight. It is our aim to add value to your business through timely events that provide interactive, insightful information and analysis about issues facing businesses in this modern fast paced business world.

All our events are designed with the senior level decision-maker in mind, and are built from the ideas and critical concerns raised in discussions we have with attendees/delegates & their senior management throughout the year. Our experts and leaders have deep knowledge and practical experience (hands-on experience) to address these issues, ensuring that our events are timely, up-to-date and packed with issues that you are facing in your line of work.

With a line-up of events throughout the year focusing on a range of functions including Marketing, PR, Corporate Communications, Finance, HR, Finance, Healthcare, Logistics Management, General Management, Records Management, Public Services,  Information Management, Project Management, International Trade, Construction, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Commercial Contracts, Purchasing, Supply, Administration Management etc., We strive to create opportunities for you to interact with peers and other experts in your common areas of interest.


A Dedicated Team/Force To Service Excellence

We are committed to full customer care, working as a dynamic and close-knit team , we ensure that we bring you only the best in service and event management. From behind-the-scene site checks and registration management, to offering you a warm smile and ensuring a smooth run on the conference day, every effort is put into meeting and exceeding your expectations.


One Driven Purpose

In all that we do, we are guided by shared principles:

  • Creation Value– We consistently create value to the businesses of our clients and partners by delivering training events with superior quality and providing them with valuable business connections.
  • Integrity– Our long term successes lies in our business relationships with our clients, partners and colleagues, for which integrity is the chief cornerstone of all our dealings with them.
  • Passion Driven– We are passion driven and overcome all seemingly impossible odds and sustain our commitment to our profession.



  • Over 50% of our work is global, and the majority of our corporate clients are multi-national.
  • Cornerstone Global Leadership Foundation experts have 15-30+ years of hands-on experience.
  • Global clients look to Cornerstone Global Leadership Foundation as a “one stop shop” to meet their learning needs. Our exceptional resources enable us to host an event in different countries globally.
  • Despite recent global economy challenges, knowledge remains king. Recognizing that budgets are an everyday reality, Cornerstone Global Leadership Foundation makes sure you get the value for your budget without compromising the high quality of our learning solutions. Using highly qualified and hands-on experienced teams we deliver learning programs that are consistent in content and of high quality across the globe.
  • Cornerstone Global Leadership Foundation provides training (Business) solutions across all continents in the world.

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