Cornerstone Global Leadership Foundation is very interested in proposals from both Members and non-members for papers and presentations that might be delivered at our different events. Cornerstone Global Leadership Foundation offers the perfect opportunity for businesses or individuals to present discussions on high calibre topics and issues. In the past these have proven a useful source on a varied selection of interesting and engaging speeches.

Those interested in submitting a proposal are required to send it to The Foundation General Manager at  events@cornerstone-intsa.net

When we receive submissions they are assessed to identify which area of professional development or education they reinforce. A speaker with a promising proposal may be offered the opportunity to present at an event depending on topic and experience. To be considered as a speaker at one of Cornerstone Global Leadership Foundation’s events, we expect the following criteria to be met:

  • The subject matter must be current and of interest
  • The subject matter must be original
  • The speaker must be engaging

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